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As a trained photographer with a BA in photography - specifically fashion and portrait photography - has been my focus for over 10 years, both in the UK and in India. I am currently based between Goa and Bombay.

My work has been featured in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar India, Vogue, Bangalore Times, Architectural Digest, The Times of India, India Today, and others.

To see some of my photographs, please visit my Instagram page!

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An exhibition of hand-coloured photographs

exhibition invite.jpeg

The exhibition explored feminine strength in the 21st century, while challenging the traditional iconography of female representation.

The series was inspired by 19th century hand-painted portraits of Samurai Warriors taken on large format cameras.


Deccan Herald, "Exploring feminine power through colours and poses" (1 September, 2019)

Indian Express, "In focus: Female strength" (5 September, 2019)

Deccan Chronicle, "Fighting spirit" (10 September, 2019)

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